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How To Read A Walmart Receipt?

How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

Walmart associates can print out or email receipts to prove purchase when you make a Walmart transaction.

  • You have a lot of information on every receipt, but do you know how to properly read one from Walmart? This article will teach you everything you need to know regarding Walmart receipts.
  • What do the numbers on Walmart receipts mean?

  • Walmart receipts come in a variety of long and brief numeral codes. This can cause confusion. Here’s a quick breakdown of these codes!
  • Below are the codes and the meanings.

  • The first line on your receipt will show the store name, along with the zip code.
  • ST# stands for store number
  • OP# that signifies the cashier
  • #TE represents the cash register number
  • TR# is the transaction #
  • Next, we’ll get to the most obvious numbers. At the bottom of the receipt will be the 12-digit serial codes that are unique to every purchase.

    You will find individual prices on the right side. The total cost of the products is listed below.

    If you paid with a card, you’ll see ‘U.S credit/debit’ (depending on your usage) followed by the last 4-digits of your card.

    You and the cashier will need to know which card was used in case you want a refund. On the same line you will see the number given by the merchant as the receipt reference (REF).

    Approved is an abbreviation that stands for ‘Approved.’ This indicates that the bank has authorized the transaction. If you used a chip card, you may see an ‘AID’ code, which is used to address the application of a card.

    You’ll also see the “TC” number that makes up transaction codes.

    The C# number, which is unique to the receipt, is also printed. Below the barcode you will see the purchase date and time.

    How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    How can I find out what item appears on a Walmart receipt?

    Walmart states the names of each product purchased on that transaction and are typically shortened product names using abbreviations. For example: “Org” is organic, and “VG” and vegetables.

    A receipt will also have a unique serial number that can be used to locate an item. High-value goods such as radios, televisions, tablets, phones, and consoles usually imprint the serial code onto the device.

    Type that number into the search bar at to find out a product’s alphabetical name and details.

    Alternativly you could scan the QR Code on your receipt through the Walmart + App. Each item on your receipt should be photographed.

    What does A, B P, R, & & S mean on a Walmart Receipt

    If you look closely, letters like F, R and B will be visible on the receipt. These are linked to sales tax compliance which can vary from state to state. This is an example of:

  • A is Tax 1.
  • B = No Tax
  • P = 1 & 4.
  • R = Tax 1, 6
  • S = Tax 1 and 7
  • Every tax rate applies to an item that is purchased

  • Tax 1 stands for general merchandise
  • Food rate 2: Tax 2.
  • Tax 4 is the prepared food rate
  • Wine rate 6: Tax 6.
  • Tax 7 is the beer rate
  • How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    Is The Walmart Return Policy On Your Receipt?

    Walmart has an extensive return policy. It is often located at the back of receipts. The return policy of Walmart can be used within 90 calendar days starting with the date printed under the barcode.

    Don’t worry if the local store doesn’t have a return policy printed on their receipts. has the full return policy. Or, you can contact Walmart customer support.

    How Does a Walmart Receipt Show N, X, & O?

    Followed by the price of an item on the right side of your receipt, you may see an N, X, or O. These letters will indicate whether the item is taxed:

  • N means the item is nontaxable
  • X indicated the product is taxable
  • Nontaxable sales items are not available for O-listed products
  • How do I use the online Receipt Lookup tool?

    Walmart associates may reprint receipts, provided that it was printed right after the first one. To create a duplicate receipt, however, associates can print Walmart receipts again if it is printed within one hour of the first.

    First, go to the place that printed your receipt. Then choose the date. Select the card type you want (debit for all debit cards) and enter the last 4digits. Click ‘Lookup receipt’ to enter the amount of the transaction.

    You can download the receipt and print it if your receipt has been verified. Walmart customer support might be required if your payment was made with cash, check or gift card.

    See our other guides for more details.

  • Conclusion: How to Read a Walmart Receipt
  • Walmart receipts can be identified by customers as they contain the name, price, serial number, discounts and payment methods. Cash returned will also be visible. A, B, P, R, & S signify sales tax compliance, while N, X & O represents the items tax status. Locate the receipt number below the barcode. You will find the return policy at the back. Make duplicates of recipes by using the Lookup Tool.

    What Does the Letter Mean on a Walmart Receipt

    The letters after the receipt price: X = Taxable item. N – Nontaxable item. T – Taxable sale item. O – non-taxable sale item.

    What does F and T mean on a Receipt

    1. A: There are different codes that appear next to each item on your receipt:
    2. SNAP eligibility is not subject to tax.
    3. Eligible for SNAP, Taxed
    4. Taxable, but not SNAP eligibility

    .How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

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