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Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

callaway mavrik driver review

Fitters’ Take

Fitters’ Take is a new feature that we will be adding to select reviews. Club Champion has assembled a panel of masterfitters who will discuss their experiences, as well as what they saw during their fittings.

A Callaway MAVRIK driver is a low spin model. One of our fitters said that this means that not all golfers will need the SZ model. Many fitters echoed the sentiment of “great forgiveness”.

Many fitters have heard the Epic Flash sound better than the Epic Flash. Fitters also commented on the improved shape of the Epic Flash, with one calling it the “best-looking Callaway Head” for many years.

Callaway Flash Face SS20 Technology received a strong endorsement from a fitter. Each model has its own face, which he said is designed to aid different kinds of misses. This is why he said, “We literally can fit any golfer that walks in the door into an MAVRIK Driver.”

callaway mavrik driver review


Callaway MAVRIK, with its improved color scheme, consistent sound and performance will find its way into more golf bags in 2020. While this standard version will suit the needs of the average golfer, it’s important to remember that ‘average’ has a ton of nuances that aren’t easily quantified. Don’t be afraid of trying the low spinning Sub Zero or the ultra-forgiving MAX versions to see what suits your swing best.

You probably expected a Top Gun-esque reference, as this is the final MAVRIK driver review. This driver is worthy of respect. That said, the best – and real – call sign I’ve ever heard is FUNGUS. It’s best to keep the sign family friendly.

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callaway mavrik driver review

Advertisements Callaway Mavrik Driver Review: Expensive, But Worth It?

Rob Green’s Reviews Callaway has released the Mavrik range of driver models. After the Epic Flash was an instant success, the Mavrik is a much-anticipated model. This article will help you find a Mavrik that is better than the previous models.

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In our review, we will let you know who the Mavrik is for, why it’s so expensive and whether or not this driver will benefit your game enough to justify the expense.

The new face architecture required FS2S titanium, an extremely strong material that’s 6 grams lighter than traditional titanium to promote optimal speed, forgiveness, and spin robustness.

In order to improve ball speed, there are two interconnected Jailbreak bars between sole and crown. A lighter carbon crown makes it possible to reduce weight and achieve a higher MOI.

A.I. helped design the sophisticated titanium rib system inside of our head that creates a deeper and more enjoyable sound.

Includes Components: Headcover, Golf Club

callaway mavrik driver review

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review And Photos: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 was the first time we reviewed and tested 28 different drivers. Below is the Callaway Mavrik driver’s results.

Prices: 499/BUY NOW Lofts : 9.5, 10.5, 12, Our Take: The price is reasonable and the draw bias moderate. A single 5-gram screw in the rear portion of the sole bumps up launch and forgiveness. Better yet: an AI-designed Flash Face SS20 architecture and Jailbreak Technology for efficient speed.

ClubTester’s 5-hdcp Take: “Love to hear the impact. You don’t need to be too loud. Just right. The ball seems to hang on the head and explodes.

Robot’s take: Good for increasing ball speed for both fast and mid-speed swingers.


callaway mavrik driver review

Need To Know

Fast ball speeds, proven technology, customisation available, improved sound and feel.

PRICE: PS469.00 PER YEAR: Callaway MAVRIK drivers will be available starting in 2020. This driver has already been purchased by many European Tour players as well. Callaway’s R&D group increased their ability to utilize Artificial Intelligence by purchasing a powerful new supercomputer. Machine Learning was used to help design wide-ranging features and technologies for performance that are now integrated throughout MAVRIK’s entire line.

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Due to the severe weather conditions currently in the UK testing clubs outside can pose a problem due to the wind, rain, and cold.

Tee Box, the latest indoor facility for golf in London, is located in St Paul’s in central London. It’s the ideal place to improve your game, especially if you live in London.

The Callaway MAVRIK driver was brought down to Tee Box by Scott Winyard, PGA Professional. Scott tested the driver using a Trackman launch monitor. Watch the full review in the video below:

callaway mavrik driver review


Distance not significantly increased from Callaway Epic Flash

Looks may be underwhelming for some

Building on the success of their 2019 Epic Flash driver, Callaway have doubled-down on the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence to create a highly optimized face for their 2020 offerings. There are three versions of the Mavrik range: the Standard, Sub Zero and Max. In this review we will concentrate on the standard.

Callaway’s smart people are certainly smart. But they don’t have the same intelligence as their computers that built their clubs. Callaway is now able use a ‘Mavrik,’ unconventional thinking due to AI’s ability to learn quickly.

You get a clubface that is optimized for speed. The Mavrik’s aerodynamic improvements make this a driving machine capable of achieving serious distances.

Better yet, Callaway has made no sacrifices in the forgiveness department of the Mavrik. In fact, it’s been proven to be significantly more accurate than the Epic Flash across the entire face, despite the club having a lower MOI. Again, this is due to the AI allowing designers to adopt unconventional approaches in determining spin rates, weight distribution, and other factors.

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Acoustics in the club was also something that the AI was asked to improve. The engineers gave the instructions for it to tune down club sounds to “pleasing” frequencies. While the details are a bit confusing, one thing is certain: it’s an excellent sounding driver.

Do You Think The Callaway Mavrik Driver Is Worth the Investment?

MAVRIK driver was a Gold medal winner in the 2020 Golf Digest Hot List and a personal favourite of PGA Tour player Xander Schaffele. The driver has received extremely well from critics, but it is not as popular with consumers. The Callaway website currently rates it at 4.6/5 (or 86%). February 2, 2020

Which Mavrik Driver Callaway Is Best?

Rated “Best Driver”, for swing speeds exceeding 106 mph. Callaway has been voted the “Best Driver” in golf once again. Amazing ball speed, especially in the area of the sweet spot. “Golfers love the brand new feel and sound of MAVRIK’s entire line. “Jun 18, 2020

How Forgiving Is The Callaway Mavrik Driver?

Callaway states that Mavrik has a greater tolerance for Epic Flash. Callaway says Mavrik is more forgiving than Epic Flash.

Do You Think The MavrikDriver is a Good Driver

Club Champion’s launch monitor data revealed two notable performance results for the MAVRIK: great ball speed as well as consistency. Both of these are due to Flash Face SS20’s and Jailbreak’s technologies. Mar 12, 2020

.Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

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