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If you are here it is because somehow or for some reason you have heard of the basal thermometer . In that sense, in this post we will offer you all the necessary information so that you know exactly what this important temperature measurement instrument consists of, what is its use, that is, what it is for, how to use it and if its results are reliable.

In principle, it is important that you know that when we begin to menstruate we begin, in turn, to be interested in knowing other aspects related to this particular and natural fact that usually marks our lives in different ways from an early age.

In that direction, and as menstruation occurs month by month, we want to know more exactly what our menstrual cycle is, as well as our ovulation period and our hormonal changes.

Now, we have made all this introduction because precisely the basal thermometer , well used, will become our best ally to obtain all that knowledge or information related to the points or aspects mentioned above.

The Best Basal Thermometers

Below you can see a list of the best basal thermometers you can find today:

What Is A Basal Thermometer?

Initially, and in order to explain what a basal thermometer is , we have to define the word “”basal”” . That’s right, almost every human being of school age knows more or less what a thermometer is about, not what the basal consists of .

In this sense, it should be noted that the term basal , at least in the case at hand, refers to the level of activity our body undergoes when we are at rest and / or fasting.

Now, what does this mean? That even when we are asleep our body internally continues in activity and producing changes in an organic way. Consequently, the basal temperature is the one that is produced and obtained when we wake up after having slept for at least 4 or 5 hours.

Importance Of Taking The Basal Temperature

On the other hand, you may be wondering why I should take my basal temperature to determine my menstrual cycle, ovulation and hormonal changes and not another type of temperature? That is to say: Why should I go to the basal method?

In principle, it should be noted that the basal temperature is the lowest temperature reaching our body when we are at rest . Well, once hormonal changes occur during our ovulation period, that low temperature is altered and begins to rise.

Consequently, this method is the most effective in helping us to determine when hormonal changes and thus ovulation actually occur, as well as to better establish our menstrual cycle. So a basal thermometer is an instrument designed exclusively to take basal temperature .

That is, the temperature that our body has when we wake up, as long as that rest has been equal to or greater than four (4) hours and without having to move or get out of bed, so that the result is really effective and accurate.

What Is The Purpose Of Measuring The Basal Temperature?

Initially, it must be said that the basal temperature is a great and effective method (if it is carried out periodically and correctly, for at least a month), to know our menstrual cycle. In the same direction, the basal temperature will help you determine which are your most fertile days .

Thus, it can be noted that basal temperature contributes to family planning . That is, from its results you can more or less know when you can get pregnant and when not.

On the other hand, and after approximately three cycles taking your basal temperature, you will be able to know for sure how your body works.

For this it is very important that you record the basal temperature that your body has on a daily basis , as this will allow you to establish if you are in the ovulation process. It is also important that you know that this method of taking the basal temperature requires perseverance and dedication so that the results are as expected.

In this sense, every morning, at the same time, and for at least a month, when we wake up and while we remain in bed, we proceed to take the basal temperature and then write it down, with the corresponding date, to design our menstrual chart. and fertile.

On the other hand, and as you have seen, the basal temperature record could also be useful to determine what our infertile period is once ovulation has occurred. In this way, it could also serve as a natural contraceptive method .

How Many Types Of Basal Thermometers Are There?

Regarding the types of basal thermometers that exist, we can only speak of two types, namely: glass and digital . With regard to glass basal thermometers, it is good that you know that their content is gallium and not mercury, so there is no danger of toxicity that the latter have.

On the other hand, digital basal thermometers are characterized by, in addition to their great designs, having multiple functions, as well as their high precision, since they generally are around +/- 0.01 ° C. Likewise, these digital basal thermometers have a larger display that allows us a better reading, as well as registering the temperature with two or more tenths.

That is, as they are designed exclusively for taking our temperature at rest, the measurement range it has is between 35 and 38 degrees Celsius, which allows a much more comfortable reading without having to strain your eyes too much.

How To Measure Basal Temperature?

As you have seen throughout this post, the technique of taking the basal temperature contributes not only to family planning but also to determine how long our menstrual cycle lasts, what is the period in which we are usually most fertile and, in general, all hormonal changes related to the menstrual cycle, such as vaginal discharge.

Therefore it is a process that requires, apart from a lot of perseverance, commitment and discipline. In this sense, below we provide you with the necessary steps so that you can perform the procedure in the best way and obtain reliable and trustworthy results that you must capture within the annotations box that you make.

Steps To Follow

Can I Take The Basal Temperature With A Conventional Thermometer?

Although we can use conventional thermometers to take the basal temperature , it is not the most recommended. Otherwise, there would be no specialized thermometers such as basal thermometers.

Indeed, basal thermometers, as their name implies, allow you to take your basal temperature not only with greater comfort, but more importantly, with greater precision.

Let’s not forget that we are going to make a chart or graph with these data to determine the functioning of our menstrual cycle and, if alterations or deviations are registered, by not using the appropriate thermometer, our analysis would be altered and, therefore , the results.

Especially taking into account that the changes in basal temperature that we suffer during the cycle are minimal (just a few tenths). It is therefore essential that the thermometer we use is as accurate as possible.

In this direction, it is clear that basal thermometers are exclusively manufactured for taking our temperature at rest . That is, they are designed to make a more comfortable reading, with a much smaller measurement range than a conventional thermometer, since it allows to specify two or more tenths of temperature.

Is The Basal Temperature Reliable To Calculate Ovulation?

Of course. If you use the basal thermometer following all the instructions that we have given you here, without a doubt your graph will constantly show the period during which you ovulate. That is, you will be able to reliably determine which are the fertile days from the result of the taking and recording of your basal temperatures .

As is known, when there is an increase in our basal body temperature , it is a reliable indication that ovulation occurred, in turn. Of course, it is necessary to notice or observe other physical processes that should occur in our body at the same time, such as the characteristics of our vaginal discharge.

Indeed, vaginal discharge can also help us to establish which are the fertile and very fertile periods in our cycle, since from its color and shape it allows us more or less to determine the fertile and very fertile phases of the female cycle.

In the same way, the basal temperature can even inform us if we are pregnant. So is. If it were the case that our high temperature remains for a period of more than 18 days, it is most likely that the egg was fertilized and, therefore, we are pregnant.


Finally, there is nothing left but to tell you that the basal temperature method is a great option to determine your menstrual cycle. Consequently, this technique will allow you, in turn, to establish what your fertile days are. On the other hand, and after using this method for at least three cycles, you will be able to know very well how your body works.

For this reason, and on the way to that full knowledge of your body and your menstrual cycle, basal thermometers play a preponderant role , since they are designed to help you build your graph or chart, not only more comfortably but more precisely.